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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DMsPockets, May 17, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum but have been researching a lot in the hope to build an Iron Man outfit. I've spent a while collecting information, taking pics of my work so far but am getting the urge to start with resin and Fibreglass....I've read Tomps s is the best or at least most commonly used supplier but im not entirely sure which of their products i need. Cab someone clarify if i only need the polyurethene for about £5 for 0 .5kgs on their site? Meant to be working so can't give further detail mpust yet :facepalm

    can anyone also offer advice on whether u need fibre glass cloth for structural rigidity?

    Many Thanks

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    hi mate, welcome to the RPF!

    the urge to use fiberglass resin will wear off once you start using the stuff! it really is a horrible messy and dangerously toxic material :)

    if your in the UK just pop down to halfords mate, they have everything you will need.

    fiberglass resin
    Halfords | Davids FastGlas Resin 500ml

    fiberglass resin hardener
    Halfords | David's Fastglas Hardener

    fiberglass tissue
    Halfords | David's Fastglas Glass Fibre Tissue

    Halfords | U-POL Quick Sand

    you can buy the fiberglass resin/hardener/tissue & chopped strand cloth as a kit too. so if you get that you will want the 500ml as 250ml doesn't go far.

    i used the fiberglass tissue, the cloth looked way heavy duty and would use up more resin :( the tissue seemed strong enough to me :)

    you will need some cheap brushes to apply the resin also, you can get 4 packs and stuff from supermarkets. dont buy good ones as you will only get one use out of them, then they straight in the bin :)

    you might have read everyone from the US talking about using bondo filler, over in the UK i think its called david's isopon P38 but the quicksand stuff i've linked above is pretty much exactly the same, i used both and cant tell any difference, quicksand is cheaper tho so its better! :)



    seriously mate! i cant stress enough how important a vapour mask is! i use the 3M ones (£16)


    sorry man i just ment to talk about resin, got on a rant hahaaa, check out my link below might be some useful info for you. cheers!
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    Hi bud, and welcome aboard :)

    Terra1 is dead on. A proper respirator is probably the best money you will ever spend in your new found hobby. Its never worth the risk trying to do without one. I found a good one on eBay, it's good for vapour and medium toxic particles for about £23 (inc shipping).

    I use a company called MB Fibreglass supplies online UK & Ireland - mbfg.co.uk They are very reasonably priced and stock most types of resins and silicones too.

    Good luck and take care :thumbsup
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    And I'm back from the daily grind!

    Thanks guys for your help and advice, yep I'm UK based (Shropshire) and now have plans to visit Halfords first thing after work tomorrow :devil I will also be getting an M3 Respirator ASAP - thanks for the tip!!

    I am a huge HUGE fan of SW's Terra so good to see your trooper kit!! *Insert SW qoute* Impressive! Indeed you are powerful! :lol You realise I may well be coming to you for advice on SW's replicas once my IM suit is done! Are you a member of the UKG? I was saving and saving to get me a suit - from a certain armourer thats non fx but unfortunately I have two old minis and its difficult enough fixing one thing before another breaks and im just opening myself up to even more chaos with a second- so no armour yet. I'll likely go down the blue peter route sometime in the future.:)

    Anyway, time to come back down....

    Is it worthwhile to use Cloth (rather than tissue) in certain areas suchs as feet where parts could be permanently under pressure/ susceptable to wear and tear? I'm tall n skinny as a rake anyway so dont think i'll crush anything but if it helps prolong and protect areas such as this I might prefer to either double up the density of the part or just clad it with cloth...

    I apologise now but having not used FBG ever before - should I use the resin with approx 3 applications to all inner and outer areas, then use the tissue with approx 2 layers both inner and outer parts again, then a final coat of resin before quick sanding, smoothing and finally spraying?

    This is going to be an epic project which I'm really looking forward to sharing. Already have three friends to help cut out parts for me :lol Plenty of photos to post up too :thumbsup

    Thanks Canobi for the additional company details, due to location and time to get my hands on products I'll prolly opt for Halfrauds i mean Halfords.....maybe they can redeem themselves in my eyes if these products Terra suggested work out well. Fingers crossed and watch this space!

    If theres any other tips you can offer please do, look forward to cracking on asap and whilst i'll take a slow and steady approach I don't fancy mucking anything up beyond fixing...
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    Dude, I'm in Shropshire too! Cool as :)

    That makes three of us by my count, we are gonna hafta get together one of theses days and have a good old chin wag :thumbsup
  6. DMsPockets

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    Sounds good Canobi! :thumbsup
  7. Canobi

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    In answer to your "how many layers" question, check out YouTube on making fibreglass moulds and body panels for cars. The process is very similar so you should be able to adapt the same techniques for your armour.
  8. terra1

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    if you are going to be wearing the final glass fibered parts id go with the chopped strand cloth, it will thicken up with fewer layers and will be much stronger :)

    how many layers? i think it will become apparent once you get a couple layers down :) once cured you will be able to judge how strong it feels and how many more it may need. i found after using the material for a few mixes you get to understand how it behaves so you will figure it out mate no worries.

    hope to see some photo's soon :)
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    Hey Chris,

    If you are worried about strength but don't want to use wads of chopped-strand fibreglass, include a layer of alluminium mesh in with your lay-up. They sell this in Halfords too, although it's an expensive way of buying it - your local Auto Paint supplier will be able to hook you up with a llarger quantity at a cheaper price - ditto P38 filler.

    The mesh is very easily shaped (great for going over the top ot foam or Pepakura builds) and will add a real 'metal' layer to your work. It's great for smoothing out pieces too - such as Iron Man's face plate. I've used mesh over card and then put Fastglass resin over the top. It's really quick & easy and gives you a great finish once you've slapped a thin skim of P38 (Bondo) over the top.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Scott - TK3105
  10. DMsPockets

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    Thanks Guys!

    Well I decided to take a quick walk during the lunch hour to Halfords and bought everything - even saw the think ali mesh and thought that looked like a good idea but decided against and now wish I had seeing Scotts reply! Nevermind :)

    I've got everything else now so will be having a go at doing a foot tomorrow - not too impressed with the pep'd MkIII though just yet...wondering how the two peices will piece together and what I can do about the gap between the soles of the heel and toe....will tackle it when i come to it.

    I'll be finishing the helmet pep tonight, hopefully ready for resin and P38. Quick Sand tomorrow!

    Pics will deff follow but possibly in a new thread. Cheers for the advice again guys!
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    Im in Shropshire too :) - weird bunch aren't we?????
  12. Canobi

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    Holy cow! And that makes four :cheers

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