Quick beads for backer rod dreads


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Don't know if this will be of help to anyone, but it works for me!

I have around 45 dreads on my upholstery foam head. That means at least 90 beads to source, or make in my case. Also, the backer rods need encouragement to 'hang' and move correctly so the beads needed weight.
I have used 20mm backer rod for my dreads so this may not work if you are using varying sizes. I found that 22mm copper plumbing pipe is a good push fit onto the rods, but they would either need intricate painting (would take ages), or covering with some other material (like Bondo) for carving ...... BUT!
The 22mm copper is an interference fit with 25mm PVC conduit! Simple, push fit the PVC over the copper, then simply carve or Dremel whatever pattern you like into the PVC. A simple paint job would then give you a good quick (ish) set of beads.

Pics to follow if anyone is interested. If you're using 25mm (1" backer rod) then it MAY be possible to use 28mm alu pipe with 32mm thick wall PVC drainage pipe instead. Dunno about smaller sizes though.

Here's a pic of my Bio and half mask with just the copper fitted. I will post pics of the newer version beads once I have a fully completed one to post.



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Here's a couple I've just made, less than 10 mins start to finish. i know it's a quick paint job but you get the idea
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