Quick and easy TMNT Donatello Bo Staff (kid & con safe and cheap!)


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Not much to this, but this was a fun quick build to get a cartoon-style and kid-safe bo staff.

After a week of watching my kid call his toy golf club his "bo staff", I felt bad and wanted to get him something proper. When he found a mop handle in my garage and promptly starting spinning that thing around endangering himself (and my stuff ;)), it was time to leap into action!

So hit Lowes/hardware store:
-pipe insulation designed for 1/2" copper pipe (~$1.64 for 6ft).

-3/4" x 48" poplar dowel rod (~$2.50). Don't get oak! Keeping the weight down is kind of the point.

Hit up walmart/kmart/etc
-White sports grip tape (~$3.50) from sports section
-brown spray paint (~$2/can cheap generic stuff).

1. Wrap the dowel in the insulation and leave a couple inches of insulation overhanging the wood on both ends (that way the ends stay squishy. If you cut them flush there is a hard wooden surface that might make contact with things and people. Remove sticker backing from insulation seem and it self seals down the length of the 'staff'
2. Hit it with some brown paint.
3. Wrap middle in white tape.

Boom. <$10 cartoon-style "bo" staff. My little one has been running around like a mad man with this thing. He has damaged the staff, but not himself or other objects. The staff is easily repaired with common glue in the cuts of the foam or you can go all out and just buy another $1.68 bit of foam and re-cover it. Hard to beat for price and safety and fun for everyone
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