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Here is my Qui Gon Jinn lightsaber prototype v1. I used a new machinist friend of mine to make part of it. We used everything from a wire EDM to a 5 axis CNC mill to a manual lathe and mill on this one. I think it turned out very nicely. I used gloss black powder coating on this one but for the next ones I will probably try to get it anodized. This has a Petite Crouton in it and to access the sd card you just unscrew the pommel, move the speaker out of the way and the sd card can be accessed. For this one I also had to put the recharge port inside the hilt in the top section. On the next ones I will be using smaller recharge ports and putting them under the PC in the bottom of the saber. This saber took months and months to plan and I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do.

Awesome. Looks great. Where you got the Dimensions from the saber?

Sorry for the late, late reply but I got the dimensions for the prototype just by what I could find online. For the production run we based the dimensions off of the Master Replica LE version, which is supposed to be screen accurate. The prototype was just slightly shorter and had a slightly larger O.D. I ended up doing a run with Vaders Vault of 30 sabers. The KEY to this saber was to use the wire EDM to do the custom cut out for the batteries, soundboard and speaker.
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