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Although I am new to the forum in terms of registration, I am no newbie to it. I have been like a super spy, lingering in the background, unregistered and reaping information. But alas, I have encountered a problem: I need clarification on execution of building suits.

I aim to build a Mark III Iron Man suit (Its just good. Things got over complicated after Mark IV. The III is balanced perfectly in offense and defense.). Now you kinda know what I need.

I want to build the costume with EVA Foam. I started an arm that had a reed switch that activated the repulser when you raised your hand. But I used a hard plastic that was tough to cut and the whole thing ended up being a mess to work with. I got it good looking enough to go to Comic Con with, but that is just an arm. I want a full suit and that was always my goal.

Notice my old build in my profile pic.

EVA still poses its own challenges, but it can't be anywhere as mentally or physically painful (Yes, physically. There were bolts that held my armor together, sticking into my arms because they were too long) as my previous build.

My questions include, what are some of the best pep files (That's the lingo here right? Picked that up in my unregistered spy days. ;) ) for Iron Man Mark III? What is the best EVA Foam product to work with?

So far, I am considering Dancin_Fool's Mark III build, but are there any better?

I am also considering one of these four items to work with after looking around the forum and the internet:
(For those of you who are viewing this post in the future where that ebay listing is expired and you can't see it but you might want to know what it was to find something similar, it is described as "High Density Volara Closed Cell Foam" on the listing. I encountered a lot of people talking about ebay items pm this forum, but I had no clue as to what they were talking about because the listing expired)

I chose those materials because of their price point per square inch. You can look for yourself by using this equation: price in pennies (or most basic currency where you live) / (inches length x inches width) = price per square inch. The Polyethylene Foam Roll is the cheapest, but I'm worried about it only being a foot long (could mess up longer calf and shin pieces). I like the idea of the roll of the yoga mat, but it is textured which, unless worked on to fix (though a reviewer says it only needs a little bit of heating up to smooth out), would ruin the costume.

Any help at all on finding the right pepakura file and the right material for cheap (I have very limited funds) is appreciated. Any other tips for a new guy to Foam building is appreciated.

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