Questions Regarding Alien Props


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Howdy, figured my first step into serious prop-making should be for one of my favorite film series. I've done some searches through the forums here, and they've helped a LOT, though I still have a few questions. First, anybody know where I could find (or at least start looking) for a Casio F-100 for Ripley's/Dallas' watch? Love the look, and any tips on the red rubber(?) bit on the bottom would be great too.

Second, the unavoidable PR/motion tracker brown bess question. Anybody have a list/comparison of some close alternatives? I've heard good things about Revell 46 and Aervoe Earth Brown, but I just want to make sure I don't miss anything.

Third, anybody know a good place to find PR shrouds and parts? I'm planning on building the real deal so I'd need something durable and I haven't really found anything that isn't cheap plastic, the wrong size/looks wrong, or out of stock.

That about covers it for now, I have done a number of searches through the forums here but forgive me if I missed something obvious. ^^;


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The watches go on ebay for $50-$100, I guess you would need two? They do turn up without straps, but don't seem to sell for significantly less. Make sure you search worldwide.

For the rest, your best bet is
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