Questions on my Ghostbusters 1984 "Terror Dog" Prototype

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Hey Guys, not sure if this is the right forum for original prototypes since they weren't technically screen used, but it's also not a replica. Let me know if I need to post this elsewhere.

I've been out of props and replicas since about 2004, and there are still a few goodies in my collection. I'm moving across the country soon and it's time to downsize and get rid of stuff that I just don't display, enjoy, or want anymore. A lot of this stuff can go to good, loving homes. I want to know what peoples thoughts are on this piece. I bought it through the RPF years ago. Steve Johnson was selling a number of items from his collection, and it was a great chance to own an awesome piece of history from an amazing movie. For the last decade or so it's sat in a corner of the basement without being able to appreciate and enjoy.

This is an original prototype of the "terror dog" that chases Rick Moranis through NYC. It's cast in a latex outer skin and looks filled with some kind of injected rubber. The detail is pretty cool and you can see how it evolves into the "final" version used on screen. Here are some pictures.

Top Right.jpg


Top Back.jpg

Front 2.jpg

Pretty cool in my opinion. No, it's not a proton pack or a trap, but it's part of a pretty iconic sequence from a classic. I'm just not sure what the market is for things like this these days. I haven't been around the prop community for years and I'm unsure if it's all just Star Wars and Marvel these days? Are people even interested in prototypes anymore? What would people think something like this is worth, and where is the best place to sell it these days? Classifieds here, ebay?

Any questions about it, or does anyone have any other cool Ghostbusters pieces?


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