Questions about the Star Trek Experience TOS Communicator


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I've searched the forum but I can't find the answers :(

Can someone tell me how any metal parts the STTE TOS communicator has compared to the DST version ?
Thanks :)


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On the STTE, all the parts that are supposed to be metal are. The early DSTs had brass antennas but the other parts were plastic. The later versions even the antennas are plastic.


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I got one of these today but it only plays the static sound effect, is there a switch or something I have to change ? I'm not that bothered as i'm not a big fan of sound effects.


I bought a STTE comm, swapped in the electronics from the DS toy, replaced the LEDs with the proper t-jet hubs with crystals, replaced the mic grille with a gold one and sanded down thr antenna to the solid brass underneath, polishing it with super fine steel wool.

I plan on a few more mods before I call it done and work on my John Long kit. :)
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