Questions about Spider-Man emblems


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I'm working on a Spidey suit and was originally planning on using 2mm EVA foam for the emblems, but I fear that it will tear easily. I don't have the budget to cast emblems, so I thought about cutting the emblems out of some sort of rubber sheet. But, I'm not sure what kind of rubber is best and I'm not sure where I could find both black and red for front and back emblems. Also, if anyone knows what glue works best for the rubber that would be great. (I attached the emblem design files I'm planning on using, in case that matters)


  • Romita Sr (post death of gwen) Spider-Man emblem.png
    Romita Sr (post death of gwen) Spider-Man emblem.png
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  • Classic Spider-Man back emblem.png
    Classic Spider-Man back emblem.png
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