Questions about making templates of inside of mask


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Hey more talented prop builders!

I have a"helmet" construction question someone here may be able to assist with.

So I bought these "Iron Man"-esque face shields from Amazon as an extra barrier of protection for a plane flight we took over the summer. However, they never arrived in time, were kind of cheap in execution, and don't seal very well. So they've sat on shelf gathering dust.

Cut to today, My girlfriend and I are going to Rose City Comic Con this weekend, and we thought these would've good to wear on top of our facemasks as they are a good protection barrier from crowds, but I want to solve the seal issue around the cheek area on the side of the face shield.

I have purchased a bit of EVA foam (thick and thin styles) to use as the seal barrier, however, I don't know *how* to make a template from the inside of the mask in order to cut out the foam pieces. Best thing I can come up with on my own is to put a piece of paper inside the helmet, do a relief rubbing with a pencil, and then cut that out and use it. But I think there might be a better way I am just not seeing on how to get those complex shapes and curves inside of the helmet.

I'd also like to build a top ring plug (also from foam) that I can glue down on that perforated chin area of the mask so I can insert an N95 filter and keep it in place with the foam.

You can see from the photo below the locations I want to make a template of in order to cut foam pieces, but let me know if you need any internal pictures or other angles in order to answer.

Thanks preemptively for your assistance!


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