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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Laspector, Jul 5, 2015.

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    I am interested in doing a little casting, but I have never done it before. I am currently working on refurbishing and modifying some old Power of the Force Hasbro B-wings and X-wing toys and I am missing a couple guns. I am interested in casting some of the remaining guns to replicate them.

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to get started? And specifically where I could order a small casting kit? I don't have any modeling shops anywhere near me so I would have to order it online. I'm not looking for anything big--none of these guns are over about 7 or 8 inches.

    As I said before, I am completely new to this and don't have a clue how to get started. What are good materials for making plastic casts?

    Any and all advice would be appreciated.

  2. Sym-Cha

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    Find some tutorials on youtube . . . and ebay for small casting kits or supplies. Now I'll make room for the real pros who have tackled these issues many times before :)

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    When I am setting up my molds, I try to think about how the liquid (resin) wants to flow in, and how the air wants to flow out.

    It works best if they are not both trying to go through the same holes. The resin likes to flow in and fill from the bottom and the air likes to escape through the top.I like gluing on tubes or sticks to create the fill tube and vent holes, but there are many ways to skin a cat, as they say.

    Check out the Smooth-On website for supplies and tutorials. Also check out Douglas and Sturgess at They also have tutorials and supplies. They stock other brands as well as have their own "House brand". I like their silicones, but have had mixed results over the years with their Insta-cast resin.
  5. RogueTrooper

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    2 bits of advice.....

    Always pour in small batches and.....always have a run away or an escape for the resin to flow out through past the end of the cast.

    YouTube is your friend ;)
  6. kruleworld

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    I'd suggest getting started with a casting starter kit, as it'll give you small amount of all compatible chemicals that you need.
  7. Laspector

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    Any links to a good casting starter kit? I've looked at several online, but would really have something recommended from someone here.


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    Alumalite. Has a small casting kit. Perfect for a small practice test
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