Questions about foam and Bat Armour


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Hey guys, so I would love to go see Dawn of Justice next year in the Bat Armour, but I have a few Questions.

Question the first - I'm using pepakura for the helmet atm, but am using foam instead of card. Do I still use Body Filler (bondo) for finishing? Or is there another type of product for use with eva foam specifically?

Question 2 - Looking at this shot...

What material is that cape? I like the texture it has to it. Anyways, that part is a while away, just thought I would see if anybody knows what it is.

Thanks guys and keep up the rad work!



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I haven't made a foam costume do I'm not sure if adding bondo to foam will work/is a good idea, but it's probably best to add this to your existing build thread rather than create a separate thread for it. Also, this should be in the DC section.
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