Question: Star Trek Voyager PADD


I want to build a small PADD from Star Trek Voyager as a birthday present for a friend. Not very tricky to build, I think.
My problem is the accurate size and thickness.
I've found various information. 4'' x 6'' or 4.25'' x 6.25'' (for a TNG PADD) and some smaler and larger templates.
4'' x 6'' seems to be very large... compared with pictures from the tv show. Maybe its just me and the "in TV everything looks different" thing.
I have already used the search function and google. But as I said, I found various sizes.
The color is also a small problem. I think its a grey-silver color.
But in a few pictures it seems rather gray.

Can someone help me with the screen accurate size and thickness of the small voyager PADD?




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I would highly recommed laser cutting to get the nice clean curves on the display screen and internal cut outs.

What sort of deadline are you on with getting this made?

I may have a laser cut set of PADD parts if you wanted to buy them rather than trying to cut them yourself?


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Voyager PADD.jpg

Hi Ratbone,

on my HD I found this graphic. Don't care about the dimensions in mm, they are not correct. Just print it in 4" x 6" and you've got a template.

Keep on trekking



Thank you guys :)
So 4'' x 6'' is correct, ok. Bigger than i thought. :lol

@ renaissance_man ...there is more than a month time to build it. I will try to cut it myself... I do not have access to a lasercutter. I will try to cut styrene with a hobbyknife. But I keep your offer in mind :) Thank you.