Question Regarding Chavant Clay...


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So I wanted to get back to some sculpts I started years ago in Chavant NSP medium, but obviously they have become quite hard sitting all this time (as Chavant does when it sits). Does anyone have any tips for how I can make these malleable again without the losing the detail?

Here in Phoenix, we're in the middle of a heatwave (supposed to be a high of 111 today, and still on the way up :devil: ) - wold setting this outside to warm up remedy this? Or are they just going to melt like wax on the outside?

Anyone have any experience with this kind of situation?


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I don´t think it will melt down, it will soften in any case as I see it. At the end it´s what one does to soften the clay to make it more pliable, warm it up.
Depending on how they were stored the main issue (in my experience) is that it may someway dry out and loose flexibility and crack easier when bending it etc.


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Chavant NSP Medium can be warmed up and/or melted regardless of how old it is. I use an old pizza oven to warm/melt it, but a microwave works in a pinch.

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