Question regarding adding a blade to a Parks saber hilt?


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It's been many years since I've last posted. On a whim, I bought a used Parks saber hilt from eBay. I'd like to add a blade to it. I've emailed Parks, but have not received a response.

How easy is it to add a blade? is it just a drop-in? Are all the electronics part of the blade?




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Parks offers many different sabers. What saber did you get?

This is my old Parks Graflex I built years ago.


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Gone but not forgotten.
O.K. They came in two styles with or without a blade/electronics. You should be able to unscrew the pommel and see if there electronics in there. If there is you just need to order one Phase blades. If the hilt is empty you would then need to add all the electronics yourself, soundboard, speaker, switches, battery, etc.

Can you post some pictures of what you have?


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I don't have the hilt yet, but this is a screen shot from eBay.. Looks like there is nothing in there. What do I need to do to add the rest?


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The hilt looks empty. You will have to do a Luxeon installation - install LED and power for light and then sound card and speaker for sound.
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