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I'm waiting to reproduce the wine bottle seen throughout season 1 of White Collar.

It's a wrongly bottled (as part of the back story) empty '92 bordeaux. I think I can track down the right bottle but I haven't a clue on where to start with labels or stickers for the label. Do most people just use the right type paper stock and glue it onto stuff for props like this?

Thanks in advance.
Once you have the graphics, you can either buy sticky labels made especially for bottles / jars etc to print on, or you can choose to just print on plain paper & glue it on.

Trial and error.

But for the best results, you'd best go for the sticky labels.

Personally, I go for the easy short-cut & use plain paper.
I've been meaning to do this too. I already have the Bordeaux wording done, now I just need to decide if I want to make it with the map already showing...
I would just buy the full label sheets of paper at an office store. They are full 8.5x11" sheets that self stick, and have no precut labels, so you can custom trim your own.

Once you print the label out, but some Krylon Triple Thick Clear spray and do multiple coats. Make sure to do light coats because it can leave oil stain type spray marks if you are too heavy with the spray. Build small layers until you have a nice gloss, let dry and trim. Then the sticky back will be easy placing and the gloss looks like a professional decal.
Thanks, Moviefreak!

Still trying to track down good screen caps of the label. I don't have access to hi-res (or even dvd res) images.
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