Question: Moving Disney Parks Rey saber activation box?

Dearth Nadir

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First post here.
I've looked around for any videos or images breaking down the Disney exclusive Rey lightsaber but haven't found anything. I've seen some on the Hasbro Rey saber but don't know if the Disney one is any different. I'm getting one soon and would like to see if there is an easy way to move the control box to a more correct position. I virtually destroyed my Anakin saber back in the day trying to remove the blade without a guide and don't want a similar repeat with the control box. I don't have any rewiring skills so I need something simple. Does anyone know of a tutorial online or do you have any experience with it? I think Shameem Moshrefzadeh mentioned doing a conversion tutorial on it when it first came out, but it doesn't look like he did it.


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This is a good question if it’s possible.. we know the other version of you FX saber has the box in the right location..

I wonder if it’s a easy fix, I have a Disney Parks one. Once things slow down for me maybe I should rip it apart


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It will need the clamp removed and then a new hole drilled(where the new positioning is) for the wires to reach the switch. And maybe it needs rewired if the switch is to big for the hole(as is on the Mr/Hasbro Vader sabers.)