Question:Jack Sparrow Wigs


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Hey folks,
I've been looking around for Sparrow Wigs, but they a too expensive for a low budged project, is there any alternatives for Sparrow wig?

There's ton of cheap wigs on ebay but they are not accurate as well,
I hope you guys can help me about finding/making a wig that under 100 bucks.

Thanks :)
Waiting for replies!



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Hey Emre,

You can make your own using Kanekalon hair such as this: Synthetic Dreadlock Hair

There's a lot to choose from over at eBay besides the one I linked. Just type in "Kanekalon Dreadlock" and that should get you a lot of results. Just pick the colors you need to match the look you're going for (from the first to the fourth film).

Just add the dread you'll be making to a base wig of your choice.