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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Xhiwar, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Xhiwar

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    I recently got an MR E-11, and I really like it, although it's static (but from what I know, that can be changed).

    Now, I can't figure out how the folding stock is attached in open position on the real sterlings. Does it attach to the end cap in some way?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Jimbo890

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    those funny grooves in the endcap, well, there happens to be the mates to these on the stock, so when it folds out the endcap compresses in an 1/8th inch and it snapps into a locked position. That bottom tab thing, well that releases the endcap, allowing it to release tension on the stock, and lets you fold it back up.
  3. Gigatron

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    Here are some quick pics to help you visualize what's going on:



    Hope that helps some.

    Thanks to WC for hosting

  4. RedTwoX

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    Great information guys :thumbsup Thanks for the pics Gigatron. This forum is proving to be an incredible source of information.
  5. Prefect42

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    You mention that the MR E-11 can be changed from "static" to functional.

    I know a spring can be added to the trigger so that it moves. Do you (or anyone) know if the folding stock can be made functional?


  6. Xhiwar

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    Thanks for the info Jimbo and Gigatron.

    I was told that you can make the MR E-11 "functional", meaning that you can move the trigger (although you'll have to add a spring), make the stock working (don't know if it will stay open, as there seem to be no "tabs" to lock into the endcap) and even make the mag removeable. Don't know how though, but it seems that you have to completely take the blaster apart to do so.

    I'm trying to find out how to do this, as it'd add to the fun factor of the E-11. ;)
    Will post if I find out how.

  7. protokev DMD

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    thanks for those pics from me as well, sould come in handy for my pvc project

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