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    what can you use besides velcro to keep the armor together at the joins , any help would be great, i just noticed with the heat here that the industrial strength velcro is coming off.
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    Really? I live in a pretty warm climate and have never had problems with the industrial strength velcro. If you want to make it stronger, add a little glue to the velcro. That should make it permanent. Some people like rivets, although I think they look ugly.
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    ok i think i will try that, its also humid here in the summer but i will try to glue them as well, thanks man
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    On my TK the only things velcroed are the calves, belt and cod piece to the adomen plate. On those pieces I used industrial strength velco and also super glued it on so it did not come off with the high humidty we sometimes get here in the summer. For the rest its pretty much elastic straps with snaps. The snaps work great and I have never had a problem yet with them coming off. Hope this helps some, if you have any questions feel free to PM me or post here again and I will try to explain how I did my suit.
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    i´m using normal velcro and glued in on with "pattex"
    no problems with that

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