Question: do I do an Original Hawkeye for NYCC or Try to Get Full AoU?

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by KenKenobi2, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    I case my current avatar doesn't tip the game, I have come to love Hawkeye in the last few years.

    My problem: getting a great costume that suits my personal build (5 10 stocky), my time constraints and my budget.

    Now, as an archer I have no problem getting the right bow. It's a double excuse. I think the AoU is a Hoyt Gamemaster II.

    But I am not sure where to get a good coat made, let alone the right pants and boots. I don't want a crummy leather knock off, I want it at least to be Cordura if I am going that way.

    So I am asking this:

    1. Do I go Movie Style

    2. Or do I go with my Matt Fraction/Adi Granov inspired personal design?

    Please share opinions!

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    IMO, avoid the Matt Fraction minimalist look. It's too easy and essentially translates to "anyone can do it with a T-shirt and pair of black pants..." Movie style(s) are pricey and not comfy at all if done correctly, especially the pants, trust me on this. In one of the latest interviews with JRenner, he spoke on how he could barely move in the new jacket, but admittedly it does look cool as hell.
    I'm a big fan of the original look (yeah I know, shocking) but realize there are some other costumes that he's used over the years that may work for you; Thunderbolts, Ultimates 2, etc.

    And yes you are 100% correct on the AoU bow ;)
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    Thanks for the perspective Gee.

    What I am thinking is adapting the arrowpoint/fletching logo into a tabard style overjacket with my arms free in a lighter undershirt. I've looked at Volante designs to perhaps create what I am looking for in black, navy, gray and dark purple based in part upon this coat


    With the coat, I would ask to have the points from his original mask put into the hood design, so when its up it's a nod to the original. I'd color it like the Ultimates maybe.

    In the alternative, there is this vest that I considering having modified with a mandarin collar and belt holds so it doesn't slip. They may be able to add a second delta on the front to represent the arrow point/fletching


    I am going to see about getting a Gamemaster II and just got STL files for an AoU quiver.

    As to pants for me: my Navy Blue 5.11's are great and I may work up some leg pads to dress them up. Here is an alternate view of me from Halloween with the pants. I've had them hemmed so they blouse better next time since then.


    I have snagged Oakley Batwolf glasses in Purple Iridium and the Fraction Styled "H" hat.

    Keep talking folks, Thank you! I want this to look great!

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    Man, I cant wait to see this! I'm gonna be at NYCC this year, I'll keep an eye out for you.

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