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why does this site make you post up to 20 messages plus how and when one hits 20 do you automaticly become activie to go into other parts of the site plus how come when one joins other sites it doesnt give you 45 days to pst 20 messages donrt under stand the consent of it
It's just the way the site is setup. OT section are limited to help encourage new people to be productive and check out the awesomeness of the site. Junkyard is limited so that people won't just join to spam the junkyard with stuff for sale that shouldn't be sold here.
Why does this site require a user to have 20 posts in order to have access to the Junkyard and the OT forums? Also, is access automatically granted once the prerequisites are attained? I've joined other sites and they don't require you to be a member for 45 days; or have a post count of at least 20. I don't understand the context in which these rules were established, please help me understand.

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It´s pretty simple, actually, if you make 20 valid posts and you are patient enough to wait 45 days until you can get access to certain other parts of the RPF, then you show at least some kind of basic interest in the community.

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ManfromNaboo pretty much nailed it, but I'd like to expand on his statement a bit to point out that all the major areas of our site are available to you even if you aren't a registered member! Over 2/3 of our viewers each day aren't registered members! We only limit non-members access to our Off-Topic sections and our Junkyard. When it comes to new members, you can see those sections, but can't interact with them until you have been here for 45 days and made 20 posts for the reasons ManfromNaboo stated. Essentially, if someone is only here to talk about things not related to our hobby (Off-Topic) or just to use our site as a sales platform (Junkyard) then that person really ins't using the site in the way it was intended.
Although there are certainly those that make it through that blockade and seem to be here simply to post links to stories on their own web space.

Simply regurgitating the internet here with little to no relevance to props, TV, costumes or movies.
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