Question about Nostromo Upholstery paint colors


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Hey all! At my job, we are working on a project building a life-size replica of the corridors of the Nostromo from Alien (1979) and part of the Bridge. I’m seeking some assistance in identifying a Pantone or pms codes for colors that can be seen in the Nostromo bridge.

Specifically, I’m looking for this green/blue/grey color that you can see on the upholstered panels and surrounding ceiling panels in the Bridge. I’ve included some photos. Any help/direction would be appreciated!


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Very hard question to answer; if you don't have a grey scale next to those colors your bet is as good as mine. Lighting will change everything!!
Looking at behind the scene, I think that the general color used in the corridor/upholstery, instrument panel was a dark grey.
Here, in that picture, the "pail"(bottom right hand side) is black, as you can see, the walls are dark grey.

Same with the bridge under construction (upper ceiling)

As you can see, the upholstery surrounding the instrument panels looks greenish in color. Again, the lighting will play tricks on you.

Ceiling/ceiling monitors are painted in that same dark grey. As you can see, the round parts holding the metal pipes are black. The ones holding the red pipes are of the same grey.

The upholstery surrounding the instrument panels could be a hue of ochre and a light military green. Some stations on the flight deck:

As you can see above, the panel at the left hand side and monitor are both black.

It's quite the endeavor to re-create all of that: you have my sincere admiration.

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