Question about material used in PVC/rubber patches

Myriad Kay

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Hey RPF! Quick materials question, and a friend suggested you guys might have an answer.

I am trying to identify the material used in PVC/Rubber patches like in the above video. From what I've been able to tell, it starts as a room-temperature liquid and turns solid when baked, and given the things it's used for it is apparently durable as all heck. I've found lots of places selling the machines for printing with it, and I've found enough videos to infer the material is made from some white powder and a yellowish liquid, but I can't find any sources on what the material actually is or where to buy it. Any search is overwhelmed with results about patching tires or heating PVC pipe to mold it.

Anyone have experience with this stuff? I can think of about a zillion applications and would love to play with some.
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