Question about laser engraved metal


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I have some chrome steel ball bearings that I had laser engraved. The black engraving doesn't show up as well as I had hoped due to the reflections in the surface around the engraving.

I was wondering if there is some kind of paint which will adhere to the engraved surface but easily wipe off of the chrome steel surface. This way I can change the black color of the engraving to make it stand out more. I'm thinking that red might look better and not blend with the reflections as much.


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What method did you use to engrave the ball bearings? I used to work with a laser engraving machine, and we put black on steel all the time, it usually worked great, with good contrast. I think we used TherMark brand marking material.
What kinds of paint have you tried?


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Not sure how big of an area you are talking about, but maybe just regular black acrylic paint? It would wipe off pretty easy, and should darken up the recesses pretty well.

Whopping 80-80 cents a bottle :)



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Zlurpo, not sure what method was used. I had a local laser engraving place do it.

Don't get me wrong the black does look very good with good contrast. It's just that the curved surface of the small ball bearing (1/4 inch diameter) has many dark reflections which blend with the black engraving

That's why I was thinking that if I could change the color that the engraving would show up better.

Hydin, it is a 1/4 inch ball bearing so the surface is pretty small. I tried some Createx acrylic that I already had with no luck.

Zenix, a quick google search shows that thermamark is a printer ribbon. Not sure how that would work in this situation.
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