Question about Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"


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I started adapting this story, "The Metamorphosis" and im having trouble with the size and shape of Gregors room.
It says say there is a window, the double doored entry, his desk, his bed and one bedroom on either side of his.

It also says that his head is next to the door when he is in his bed on his back.
The issue comes from the placement of gregor; the window cant be on the left or right because of the other two rooms and he is on his back with his head next to the door.

He should already have seen the window without needing to turn his head if it was blatantly in front of him, he also sees the window before he sees the desk.

The only way i can image it is if the room were wider than it is long, his bed is at odds with his desk and the window would be on the wall across from there. Does this sound right?

Thank you.
Here's a link to the story:


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I've only read the story once (and hated it like all of Kafka's work) but how I always saw it was the two doors slide apart, and when you walk in, you see the window across from it, his bed to the right when you enter, his desk under the window next to his bed or across from it.

That's how I always saw it, considering how he dies in the end, there's enough space for him to crawl on and lay on to perish.


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This is how I saw it:



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Thanks, thats really close to the way I put it together.
I really wanted to put the bed under the window but that would change everything.
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