Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Post-release)

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What did you think of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

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worst film I have seen all year, and probably top 10 worst films I have ever seen. 2 hours and 45 minutes. Its like they didnt cut anything.

movie was so terribly bad. such a huge disappointment.
I couldn't agree more. I just came back from watching it and had to write something, because it was such a waste of my money and time.

I was kid during that era and remember all the news about the Manson family. I also grew up in L.A., so I recognized a lot of the locations/scenery they used in the film. The fact Tarantino paid so much attention to the little details of the 60's didn't make one bit of difference for me, because the writing and pacing were so bad.

One of the first WTH?! moments was just a few minutes into the film, when DiCaprio makes a comment about having Pitt drive him around. All of sudden, Kurt Russel's voice breaks in as a narrator and explains DiCaprio's character lost his license because of a DUI. There's no more narration until almost the end of the movie, and then he just keeps on narrating...for a LONG TIME. It was like they said, "Oh crap! This flick is already almost three hours long. If we have to explain this whole section of the movie through acting, it'll take up another hour. I know! Let's have a voice over tell everyone what's going on!"

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate was utterly pointless. She seemed so vapid and didn't push the story along in any way. Same goes for Emil Hirsch. Also, they only briefly introduce Charles Manson... near the beginning of the movie. No character development on the "Family", and absolutely no explanation WHY they were willing to follow him. The cult aspect and manipulation could've increased the amount of tension leading to the end, but it was ignored.

And, believe it or not, the ending was super predictable. Polanski, Tate, and everyone else in his house that night were bit characters. The emphasis was on Pitt and (Kind of) DiCaprio, so you knew they were going to be a big part of the finale. The way they diverted from real events then became laughable. Ridonkulously laughable.

All these critics and people calling it Tarantino's "Masterpiece" are just trying to sell the audience the Emperor's New Clothes. I'm not buying it (Other than paying the ticket at the theater).

Damn... I thought venting here would help, but I'm still angry.

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I enjoyed watching it, but it ultimately had no substance, the final 20 mins however were hilarious - the brutality was so over the top. I knew the flame thrower was going to be used the moment I saw it in Rick's tool shed half way through the film.

I did like the slow burn tension of Cliff visiting the compound, but the rest just felt very bland.

Compared to the rest of his back catalogue, I'd place it near the bottom. It's not as bad as Death Proof or Django, but it has nothing on the other films.


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Absolutely loved it, Tarantino just keeps pumping out hits

The quality was amazing,...Loved it more than his last two.... 5 Stars


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We went in cold as far as the ending goes. I knew about the Manson murders but had no idea what was gonna happen. We both fell asleep for about 30 minutes in the middle. Could have cut out about 30 minutes of driving but I digress. The ending made up for the boring parts in spades.

Probe Droid

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Finally saw this. The parts were better than the whole, and it was way too long and self indulgent--anything that popped into QT's head for better or worse got in there. The first hour set up could have been 15 minutes; the film took forever to get up on its feet and was all over the place. Lots of disposable bits throughout. All the Steve McQueen stuff was plain weird. The ending was a hoot and a half. Good performances, but Pitt steals the show. Margo Robbie was wasted. The role was so minimum, any young beauty could have played it. Far from QT's best film, but not his worst, either.

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