Queen Vegeta/Ceremonial Saiyan armour

ashsama cosplay

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Hi guys! I'm new here and I hope to post progress of upcoming projects, but for now here is the first costume I made (back in October 2014) I remade some parts for this on location shoot. The photographer and I drove to Samphire Hoe in Folkestone and its such a lovely location, with cliffs, a rocky beach, rolling hills and the sea in the background. It was perfect!

My concept was 'Queen' Vegeta. So not a fem!Vegeta, but what I imagined his mother could look like. It still needs some work (an undersuit, which I am going to sew myself, new skirt panels and a new breastplate. Also a better wig!) but I am so happy with how these pictures turned out! My armour is made from craft foam sandwiched between worbla and I just added some resin gems that I made to give it that extra detail. I chose gold instead of yellow as I wanted it to be more realistic :)

My page is https://www.facebook.com/ashsamacosplaydesigns
Photographers is https://www.facebook.com/Gallagherphotos

Please tell me what you think and the parts I could improve a bit on (the weathering on the gold part of the breastplate needs redoing, I know that :) ) 1908144_923332421023569_4416339004305499019_n.jpg 17988_923333077690170_4511265533256162950_n.jpg 17655_923332341023577_1347776536363430852_n.jpg queen_vegeta___sith_vegeta___by_ashie_sama-d8vzdyu.jpg 10849777_923333057690172_5975362667051439656_n.jpg 11329916_923332834356861_2775931191397066677_n.jpg 11351138_923332417690236_397772215290521549_n.jpg 11377155_923332877690190_1183363764023571411_n.jpg 11391289_923332307690247_8176995015547502384_n.jpg DSC_0960.jpg
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