Quantum Leap "Gummi Bear" handlink LEGO model.

LeoCor Replicas

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After years of wanting a replica of Al's handlink from Quantum Leap, I've finally come up with a way to make one! Looking at photos of the screen-used model, along with some amazing replicas on here, I couldn't help but realize how much it looked like it was made out of LEGO bricks. Using a LEGO design program, I (along with some help from the QL subreddit) came up with a design that looked close enough to the actual prop. I was going to use translucent pieces, however most of the ones I would need don't actually exist, so I opted for opaque bricks as a quick fix.

I've got the parts on order, but it'll take a few weeks to get them here. Until then, here's the simulated model from the design program. How's it look? :D

ziggy lego.png

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