Interest Quantum Leap Calculator Handlink by Replica Props, Cosplay Lights and Sound, SP Productions, and Halocat


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Morgan is pounding away at the electronics.


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Following on the success of replicaprops and morganfeldon Quantum Leap Gummy Bear handlink, RPF member halocat and myself have all teamed up to bring you the premiere replica of the Quantum Leap handlink as seen in seasons 2 and 3, fondly referred to as the calculator link.

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Some folks are aware, but I'm the fortunate steward of a screen used calculator handlink that was used on the show. We will be leveraging this resource to create the most accurate replica possible!

However, like many of our favorite props, there are actually two variations of the calculator link, which we've deemed V2 and V3 as they were the second and third variants of the handlink (the pilot used a static prop, which is considered the V1).

I own the V3, but we have also amassed a good collection of reference materials to construct an accurate V2.

To help us gauge interest in which replica to prioritize, Rob at Replica Props has created two interest lists on his website here:

V2 interest - 144-Quantum Leap "Calculator" Handlink (season 2)

V3 interest - 145-Quantum Leap "Calculator" Handlink (season 3)

Please sign up on Rob's website if you're interested in either or both!

We'll be sure to keep the community posted on our progress! More to come...

How do I sign up to Rob's website?

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