Quakevirus P1 Stunt Build Up-Update 5/11/12


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I guess it's my turn. I managed to get my hands on one of these when George(ptgreek) was offering them back in March. A million Thanks George for offering these, I hope I can do it the justice it deserves. On to the build!!

The P1 Stunt needed alot of reshaping. I have just a little bit more to do before I really start sanding a filling. Im going for as close to screen used as I can.

Trimmed out with some minor heating and shaping done.

Pretty damn straight now. I got the left fin to line up with the right. It had a pretty nice swoop to it that I leveled out with some heat and muscle grease.

I went ahead and sculpted/molded/cast a hose pod that looks pretty damn close to the one seen in the pics of the last know screen used stunt alive.




Hopefully this evening I can get the trilaser shroud ready for fitting, after that more body work. :D
Stunts everywhere! Super cool.
It's so fantastic to see the variations of the same bio and the different ways in which people go about transforming them. From polished to nuked etc.
Look forward to watching yer progress on this fella.
Okay, I should know this by now, but I get confused with the terms "hero" and "stunt".

Which is which and how can one tell? *facepalm*
Thanks guys! I needed a little sculpting break. Lol

To my knowledge the hero Bio was used only for the close ups in the film. The air hose pod on the stunt has 2 holes as where the hero has 3. Also the stunt Bio doesn't have a trilaser shroud because it was actually attached to the under mask and not the Bio itself. There are other more subtle differences in the overall shape of the two. When I get back inside, I'll post a link to an old thread I found where jason and the gang picked them apart.

Here's the thread
Hot dog - I love me a good P1 Stunt Build Up thread!!!

Most of the references that I'm using you posted! haha Hopefully mine will come out half as good as one of yours. So glad you made those videos man! Gonna be super useful

What does it mean to be a stunt bio?

A Stunt Bio is one that they used for filming the stunts in the movie as opposed to the Hero P1 Bio which was used for the close up shots. A stunt prop is one that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Hero Version has.

Check out this terminology page. Explains it better than I did. http://www.thepropbl...om/terminology/

Back to the build!!

I sculpted/molded and cast a trilaser shroud today. It came out pretty good, I just need to give it a twice over with a sanding sponge to smooth it out a bit more before I attach it on the bio with apoxy sculpt. Next step..more sanding,
Raw laser Shroud and sanded down Hose Pod



Thanks for looking and commenting guys!

Edit: Better pics of the cleaned up hose pod mocked up.



Oh hellz ya! Love it bro

Thanks George!! I love this Bio! (y)


I gotta get started on my entry for the Cannon contest here on the lair. So I'm going to try and get this guy ready for paint this weekend so I can go full throttle on my sculpt the Cannon contest.

I bondo filled some of the low areas in the bio that aren't the original bio. Then shot on a coat of primer and sanded that down with polishing block to further smooth out the finish.

So far so good.. just a little more sanding then I'll attach the trilaser shroud and get to the painting.




Thanks for watching folks! (y)
Finally an update on this!! I finished up the paint /blast marks, sealed it and installed the mesh lens.

All that's left is the trilaser. I have the Tip I just need to get some LEDs and she'll be done.

Took these real quick. I'll get some more up as soon as the tri laser is installed..I hope I did the paint justice..



Thanks for looking and commenting folks! (y)
Everytime the p1 stunts are available i have no money, and now you painting this one like a pro......... I cant take more torture, looking great so far, are you using scrylics?
Haha Thanks Jose, I tried my ass off to get the paint up as close to screen accurate as possible. The next one will be better. :)
For the paint, I sprayed a base of "rattle" can silver. Then I went all "PredatrHuntr" on it with the sponges and acrylics. The blast marks were made with a qtip and a very fine pin-stripping type brush to accent the edges. (y)
Been meaning to update this thread. I finished installing the LEDs I got off of ebay and the trilaser tip I picked up from Casey sometime ago. Of all the bios on my wall, this one is my favorite so far. In the next couple days I'll make the time to properly shoot it.

Sorry for the ****** pictures. I take them with the cell because between work at the shop, wife, kid, sculpting, designing custom decals for the RPF and my bros and broettes here on the lair, shirts and everything in between ....I can't always get to the good camera for the progress shots. Enough blabbering..



Thanks for looking and commenting fellers and fellettes! (y)
Whoa! It came out awesome, do i say it?...................................take some pics with natural light..........had to do it........... :)
lol I've been waiting for you to say it!! When I make the time to take the pics I'll take it outside and take some in the natural light for you. (y)
Sorry man, no outside pics yet. I still plan on taking some here soon tho. Enjoy these better pics of my P1 stunt bio..

I still gotta fix that damn wire. haha




Thanks for watching folks!
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