QMx Serenity/Firefly Money Pack (with laminated map)

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Doing some quarantine cleaning and decided to unload some props that have been languishing in storage. Give them a good home!

Here we've got a QMx Alliance money pack from Serenity/Firefly. It comes with twelve bills--six 100-credit bills, six 500-credit bills--wrapped in an intact banker's band. They're all in good condition, generally; there's just a slight curvature to the bills because they were leaning up against the back of a display shelf for quite some time.

I'll also throw in some coins for good measure...I don't think any of them are accurate, but they've got a similar enough vibe that they make for a good display with the bills!

Finally, I'm also including the "Map of the 'Verse" that was included as a bonus with the money pack. These maps were (rather infamously) folded to fit into the package, and at the time fans were rather annoyed that they had to deal with the creases. Well, as soon as I got mine, I pressed it flat and laminated it! You can still sorta see the creases if you know where to look, but in general the lamination smoothed it out rather convincingly.


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