QLD members; help for some modelling supplies please?


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i'm looking to make a wearable mempo from resin or something similar, to add a bit of a personal touch to my open face helmet when i'm riding my bike (its a suzuki katana about to be stripped and made into a streetfighter, thought i'd follow the japanese/samurai theme), i'm just after some info on places to buy supplies like clay and sculpting tools. i'm in the southwest brisbane area (near ipswich) but i don't mind having to go to the city or whatever....or any other tips or advice you can give me would be awesome.

something like this, for those not sure what a mempo is.. :D






Warpuppy is a Brisbane-based online store. it's geared more towards miniature wargaming products - but there's a decent set of sculpting tools here:

Hobby tools sculpting files pliers cutter saw drill pinning Brisbane Queensland WarPuppy Miniature Games and Hobby House - WarPuppy

they (may) also sell pro-create modelling clay or greenstuff - both are 2 part epoxy clays. However, they are pretty expensive, and are often used for making original miniature sculpts.

Ecersley's in Brisbane CBD (just near the Belgian Beer Cafe) is another spot to try

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There's also a pottery supply place in Milton

Pottery Supplies

And then there's Barnes Model-it at Wooloongabba

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excellent. thanks so much for the links. those tools look a lot like something i'm used to using. wish i didn't have to leave all my stuff back in NZ!!
too easy. if warpuppy can't help you out, let me know - there are a few other wargaming retailers/e-tailers that I'm aware of in Brisbane/ SE Qld. though nothing based in Ipswich springs to mind.
well i'm in redbank plains but really out in the woop-woops, about an hour and a half of public transport to the main centre. trying to get my bike up and running so i don't have to deal with that anymore haha.
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