Q costume - James Bond - Spectre


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Does any one know if you have hear/see at all the brand Q's sweater is can you let me know? It looks like this Q .jpg


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I know both Q and Bond wore John Smedley clothes (cardigans, sweaters, etc.) in Skyfall and that looks like it could be. I checked the website and couldn't find anything that matches that but it might be in the upcoming Fall/Winter collection.

Dave Ward

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Someone on another board said they'd ID'd it (they didn't share) but it's apparently extremely expensive, and they've not been able to find one in stock. His sweater from Skyfall was eye-wateringly priced, too.


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Dave Ward: can you please tell me where you saw that post I would like to ask that person. It doesn't matter the price I know both with be eye-watering
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