Q: Avp2004 Latex Mask Seller


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I've been searching around here and on google for a movie accurate AvP2004 predator latex mask,  without success,  same as shown in the pictures below,  closed mouth + celtic or p1 bio that fits.

And now i'm in need of your help trying to find someone who still offer making one,  the ones i've found are listed here as "not recommended",  and i think i'll follow that advice.
I appreciate any help which can lead me to a seller.







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to my knowledge there isn't an accurate one available, as you have already mentioned the only ones who did offer it are on the list for people not reccommended, so prob best to stay away,

you have a couple of options i guess.. one get a similar mask and convert it,  Usurpers P1 open mouth is a good candidate for this, 
second option, commission somebody to sculpt one for you.. 
and finally have a go yourself and sculpt one.. plenty of advice and help on here


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Thank you for the replies,  i'm short on time at the moment to sculpt one myself,  even if i had time i don't think i'm the person who can handle clay very well,  nor molding,  i'm still at an amateur level and big things like heads might not be ideal for me to start with.  =)

Commissioning someone is actually not a bad idea,  but it's a very big project.
Mixing with other casters mask seems wrong in my opinion.

I'll look around alittle more and then we'll see how it goes.
Thanks again!

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