Pyro X-Wing kit WIP


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I'm making the fuselge as RED 2.Since I don't have a good reference of the left side,I used a full scale X-wing photo to scribe the panel lines,so the panel lines are not so accrate.

If I'm doing something wrong,please let me know!

Thank you:)
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Thank you Jason!There is a small panel under the canopy that I was looking into the most.
I was looking into if it was a raised panel or not.I scribed it after all,but I could glue a raised panel if it is a raised panel.
It looks like it is not a raise panel from the image 30.Your blog is wonderful!The models you've built are sor great and very informative.
Hope this helps!
Hi! :)

As always you have done a good job on your Pyro kit.
I' m looking forward to seeing your progress!

And Thanks Jason!
You were able to help my CCX-RED2 build by your high res-pics of BLUE ONE.:thumbsup
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jedimaster ,

Thank you for your kind word!!:)And sorry that the title makes you confuse.
It is hero.


WOW!!!Thank you!!!!!It helps me a lot!!!The panel looks more like trapezoid to me.
Thank you very very much.I appreciate.:)


Thank you!I'm looking forward to see your update too!:)
Thanks Jedimaster!

By the way,I've scribed the panel line.(red circle)
I really thank Jason to help me out.If there is anything I can do for you,please let me know!

I' m working on the inside of the fuselage.I'm trying to fit the console to the fuselage.
I shaved the inside of the fuselage to make it 3mm thickness(which is the same thickness of the canopy),but the
console still doesn't fit very well.Should I cut off the both sides of the console?
It looks like styrene sheets were added arround of the console.I just don't know
if they were added after the restore or this is correct.

And the console looks like too short for my fuselage.Should I extend the console?
I think you'll find that all the solid cast parts have a certain degree of shrinkage. But also this console is not the original ILM version. ( wish it was). I shaved off all the unnecessary detail to bring it back to basics. Also just add a few shims of styrene to the front to hide the gap.
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Hey Kaoru,

Very cool, your Red 2 is coming along really beautifully!

From what Frank has told us, he got permission to include castings of the CC/Salzo cockpit pattern. I think jedimaster is essentially correct in that it started life as an ILM cockpit casting that was cleaned up and then augmented with some new greeblies.

I'm sure that's why it's not the best fit for these fuselages. You're right to trim the sides and back and shim the front
Yes,the parts on the console are different from ILM version.But I can understand about 10 years ago people wanted more realistic detail so,more many details were added.

I used 2mm strene sheet shim in frot of the console I will add a little bit more.
Thank you.


It's nice to discuss about X-wing again with you! And thank you for the kind word!
I didn't know that the console was CCX/salzo version.Your black cast
X-wing fuselage seems to have an ILM console,but in your comparison picture,your black
casting X-wing fuselge looks smaller than even solid pyro kit.

Is your black one comes from same the fuselage?If it's the same,your Black one should be former generation and cockpit was removed and molded for next version,but the pyro kit fuselage is bigger.I'm confusing.
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Hmmm, that's a very good question. I have yet to put calipers to the two cockpit castings to see how they compare.

Let me pull out my old pattern and compare it to what Frank included in his kit.
I'm curious about this also. I think yours black casting matches the original. Don't suppose you could post pix of the starboard side of that if you get a chance.

Thanks... Simon.
For one it could be the fact that it's a different resin so will cure differently and may shrink more. Also could have been a different silicon for the mold which could also have shrunk. But don't forget that John Eaves put a new nose on the "Cerney" Pyro.
That's interesting Simon.Kevin says that TC-1630 resin used for the black casting.
I don't know about the resin at all,but may have different shrikage ratio or the Frank's
Fuselage has been shrinking.
Yeah look i'm no expert and Kevin would know way better than me. The pics can be deceiving but the story from frank was that eaves replaced/sculpted a new nose so , as it's longer than Kevin's black nose it does give the impression of his being shorter. It could all be in the nose.
Good questions guys.

Ever since I discovered that the TC-1630 pattern came up a bit short compared to Frank's solid fuselage casting I've talked to several guys who cast a lot of stuff and the consensus is that the TC-1630 is actually intended for thinner stage pouring and layups, and while it has low shrinkage in thin cross-sections it actually gets quite "hot" when it's used for very thick parts. The hotter the resin gets as it gels, the more shrinkage you get in the casting, generally.

This is why the wing patterns I have, which are also cast in TC-1630, are the exact same size as the wings Frank started with. They have a much thinner cross-section, and so the resin shrank very little.

What I think happened is that because the solid fuselage requires such a large amount of resin that ends up being very dense, the TC-1630 actually shrank a little bit more than the resin Frank used to cast his solid fuselages. The data sheet for TC-1630 does say that it can shrink more in thick sections.

It's the same reason why Frank's hollow fuselages are larger than the solid ones even though they came out of the exact same mold. More resin, hotter cure, more shrinkage.
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