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has anyone besides me tried to adverties on websites to do birthday parties in chidrens favorite costumes . i have done a few party pops .com i charge100dollars the first hour meet and greet at kids parties has anyone else done the same thing let me know thanks
Depends on what your costumes are. If they're copyrighted characters you could get in a whole heap of trouble without permission.

good point. I think you can only do charity work in them.

the owner of the copyright would most likely support charity with their image anyways.
Well, I am going to (try to) join the rebel legion with my new jedi outfit. Although they are, like the 501st, a charity community. And that's kinda one of the best things about that, you get to dress up and you're actually doing a good deed at the same time :)
hmmm, i was under the impression, right or wrong, that items that are sold publicly can be used at the buyers discretion. It's not like you are dressing as ronald mcdonald and going out and representing Mcdonalds.

So if i wore my Captain America costume for a birthday party, i am not representing Marvel comics.

Same to be applied for any clown, princess or other type of character. Once made available to the public for consumption and not used to represent the creator, you should be good.

However, i have been proven to be wrong a time or 2 and i am open to discussion. My wife taught me that. :lol
i kind of agree with captian america on that one so we can all advertise like i do on partypops .com mae 100 the first hour doing meet and greets
hmmm, i was under the impression, right or wrong, that items that are sold publicly can be used at the buyers discretion.

I don't know exactly where you got that impression, but it's not accurate.

If you're getting money for using someone else's copyrighted item, you're asking for trouble. "Private use" does not include getting paid.

Can companies strictly enforce their property rights for every single birthday party that happens all over the world? Certainly not. No one has that many lawyers - but I'm telling you, if you're gonna do it, do it at your own risk. You never know when some kid's dad will work for a company who protects property rights or knows someone who does and will rat you out and cause you a heap of legal pain.

And getting nailed by Warner Brothers or Disney is gonna cost you a lot more than you can make at birthday parties!

True! You're asking for trouble by doing this for money.If you have any kind of costume that's copywrited. Now if you just do like a generic pirate or something in that nature. I'm pretty sure that you're safe. But Becareful if you do a pirate, Make up your own character and If a kid asks are you Jack Sparrow? You can say no and that you're looking for him for some reason.
You are ok until you start talking about charging people for your appearances as a copyright or intellectual property owned character.

That is when the lawyers can swoop down, send you a C&D and ask you for all receipts and invoices for income earned as that character.
hmmm, i was under the impression, right or wrong, that items that are sold publicly can be used at the buyers discretion.

those items you buy also have Registered trademark and copyright tags printed on them.....

if you charge for money to dress up in character your breaking the companies property rights, plain and simple.

i think the people doing it around manns got away with it by saying they only take donations....isnt that how the lawsuit ended recently?

but advertising a service like this is a major heat score.
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