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Hello fellow artist and creators,

I have a really dumb question as I am new to casting, and want to do a big project that i cant get help on.
But would it be possible to make a full size bust casting/or full head and using the clay bust to put on a mannequin body so I don't have to sculp/cast/mould the body?/
I am into garden art and making statues for the garden,
Thought it might be a cool idea to use a mannequin body, cover it with a plaster/cement spray as I have done before and adding my own head to it? the full size mannequin has my body type and it would save time/money/hastle as I dont have a full crew to help.

Im still confused on how to put hair on it too.. do you just concrete a a wig?

Any suggestions/ideas or how-to's would be greatly appreciated
Thank you in advance


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I do this all the time. it's fairly simple with a bit of measuring of course. Here are some pics of my most recent one done with a Daenerys Targaryen bust


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