Pure insanity

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So I had an interesting day today...people on reddit doubted me.

As such I've decided to undertake a frankly ludicrous task in an absurdly short timeframe.

Primary objectives:

Complete fabrication of a Halo Elite (7' 6" tall) with energy sword and plasma rifle

Complete fabrication of a Halo Grunt with plasma pistol

Fabrication of an Assault Rifle with removable magazine

Fabrication of a SOHEIV (also known as an Orbital Drop Pod)

Secondary Objectives:

Lighting on the elite, grunt, and weapons

Completion of proper Spartan undersuit

This is on top of my comission work (which might include needing to make an Alpha Series big daddy by the same date) and will need to be completed by Phoenix Comicon (May 30th)

Aiding me in this endeavor are two friends who have experience building (Cherno Alpha and Leatherback for those who've followed my other build thread), but they also have jobs and lives, two things I do not. They'll help when they can I'm certain, but I can't count on them being able to put in as much time as me; it's up to me to get this done.

So far I have everything read, but the laser cutter I was planning on using is out of comission. So in the meantime I'll be assembling the stilts and components I was able to get laser cut before it went down.
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There was a torrential lightning storm last night so I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. Still I've burned through about a third of what I cut out before the Laser went kaput.

The helmet's almost done, just need to find the one piece that will let me connect the fins to it
2015-05-04 13.00.23.jpg

Also I've got the chest almost entirely assembled
2015-05-04 13.00.45.jpg
With any luck I'll have the back done by the end of the day today, and then on to the arms!


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The laser's back up so I got cutting again!
2015-05-06 22.05.40.jpg
3600 cubic inches of foam!
I've managed to completely assemble the chest, the head, a forearm, a shin, a thigh, both shoulders, and the codpiece
2015-05-08 23.37.04.jpg


2015-05-08 23.38.03.jpg


2015-05-08 23.36.23.jpg

Shins...as you can see all of this stuff is ENORMOUS.

Unfortunately the forearms, chest, and head are sitting at the future Elite's house so I don't have to transport them while the glue cures...no point in using heat resistant glue if it comes apart during cure :p

Hopefully this weekend I'll have the stilts fully assembled and then we can worry about sealing and rigging and getting all the grunt bits cutout. I'll also need to find some bodysuit patterns and someplace that sells morphsuit style spandex or lycra because Joann's has nothing :(


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The armor for the elite is done, and today I got the arm undersuit and lower torso undersuit done:

Happily the undersuit fits straight onto the shoulders and forearms

Unfortunately the thighs have not matched up as nicely, so I'll need to tweak them by hand.

On the other side of things I've got the grunt torso almost entirely assembled as well. I had an extra set of hands with this one which sped things up nicely

Just need to add some final rigging details to put everything together, but I'm waiting for the person who'll wear it before I do that to make sure everything fits properly.


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The armor is complete! Superstructure wise at least...

Some minor finishing is necessary, as I need a belt sander to "sculpt" the foam for hailee's grunt arms and legs (and her crotch) and can't get to one until monday. Sadly that means we're a little behind schedule, but I should be able to catch up if the weapons take less than a week (which they theoretically should). Unfortunately there's also some work to be done still with the straps to actually physically get them attached to the stilts because I couldn't find any place that sold straps and the necessary attachment links...very annoying.

As an added bonus I have a pattern to make a bodysuit from so I can modify it to hopefully have an undersuit in time.

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Alpha Proto

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Hmmm...I don't know if you can get this all done in that amount of time. I won't doubt your building ability. You have built some amazing things.
I suppose it comes down to how you schedule things.


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Well we're on to painting, we have all the weapons assembled, all the armor and undersuits assembled, and now I just need to have it painted, weathered, and finish my spartan undersuit and drop pod. We got a week :p


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We have failed.

While the armors for everyone were ready in time, the rigging has failed. The stilts work, but there two straps failed in key areas making them unusable, and the rigging attaching the head and shoulders to the body won't stay on as they haven't had time to cure. Simply put, while we were technically successful, we are unable to compete. And thus, we have failed.

I'll be posting pics when I can get them though of what we do have.
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