Puppet/Muppet wigs and hair


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I am finish up a Jim Henson style Muppet project that looks like my GF. She has really fun wild hair and I have been trying to find a way to mimick her hair in puppet form. This example is pretty much exactly what I am looking for. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of wigs for this application or how to treat a wig to achieve this effect. Thank you! Screenshot_20170328-205831.png

(This is my first post to the rpf and I hope I've put this in a generally correct catagory)


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Welcome to TheRPF! Here are some vids that might be of service to you:


When I was little I made a fake beard for a dwarf costume for that halloween, and I made my beard from yarn. To achieve the curly look to the hair you simply get large diameter yarn, and pull each string apart. That makes it so each individual string curled itself and bounces around naturally.

Hope that helps some!

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