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    Hey ya'll, I've looked at this site before but this is my first time actively posting. Thanks for having me.

    The Punisher is my favorite vigilante.I have a hobby of designing loadouts of comic book vigilantes patterned after actual equipment available modern day.

    I'm a big fan of Timothy Bradstreet's photorealistic art, especially his use of lighting, and was fortunate to have a skilled photographer do some shots patterned after that. I forgot the gloves and coat en route - lesson learned, have a checklist for everything.

    My goal for my projects is a modern day representation of the characters, using actual equipment. It's not patterned specifically after any Punisher iteration from the comics or films. I'm fortunate to have a military background and help train law enforcement, so this factors into my gear & weapon selection.

    Uniform is a set of Crye G3 Combat Pants & Shirt. I honestly like the G2's better comfort and fit-wise, though the enlarged front thigh pockets on the G3 are nice, as are the open slots for tools and knives on the front pants. They also house punch daggers pretty well, as long as you're not running or traversing obstacles. I have two CAT Tourniquets in shoulder pockets, routed for self-aid use.

    For the plate carrier, I chose a low profile PC with exposed pile Velcro, with some upgrades to the shoulders and side plate attachments. For the skull, I ordered a few different shirts on Amazon and chose the one that didn't fit me to attach to the PC. I did this with Velcro & Gorilla Glue - the glue ended up bleeding through but looked very similar to the existing "teeth" in the skull so it all worked out. Now I have to figure out if I want to attach the PC over the top with Velcro, or behind (you can see in the photos the PC is canted - this is due to lack of stabilization) - most likely going to choose over the PC for increased stability.

    Ray Stevenson had a very uparmored Punisher - with increased armor you're giving up mobility. Mission drives the gear train, and my setup is more minimalist for a quick direct action mission rather than a protracted campaign.

    The main issue with this is lack of real estate to attach velcro-backed pouches to. I'm most likely going to buy another to experiment more, perhaps spraypainting a skull on there and keeping more Velcro exposed. We'll see. I also want to add Velcro to the back of the PC for pouches that I can access off my back.

    The BFG Belt Pouches are simply phenomenal - you can add or subtract them from the belt line quickly, without having to remove your belt and thread things through. Just Velcro them where you want them., select what you need for the job. Super lightweight and minimal footprint.

    The Mayflower LPBOK is just too large for intended use, and the interior doesn't allow me to layer medical items as effectively as I would like. Going to look into alternate loadouts for medical.

    The Oakley boots are like sneaker boots, lightweight and comfortable - though I wouldn't use them for a 15 mile ruck or gravelly terrain.

    I only brought an M4, M500, and Glock 17 to the shoot.

    We're looking into making a short film off this photoshoot - we'll see what happens.

    Next - drop 30 pounds now that my knee is rehabbed.

    Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.










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    Great looking venue. Has it been used in a movie already?
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    Awesome job. I am also a Punisher fanatic. Great work on the outfit. Frank Castle doesn't get as much credit as he's deserved. :D
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    Venue is Eastern State Penitentiary. It's been used for a few feature films as well as album covers. Absolutely phenominal location.

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