Pulp Fiction Busts Finished Lots of pictures

Lord of the props

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Hello everyone

Just wanted to show my latest work, but first I just want to thank Howard (Chewie15) who did an outstanding job sculpting these. :thumbsup
Dale (dblank) who commisioned Howard to sculpt these must be very proud.

Anyway, I just bought my self a very nice and proffessional camera, Nikon D100, and I must say after
having it nearly a month, it´s the best deal I did in a long time.
Many people here on this forum have complained on my photos that I have taken of my earlier paintjobs
and I do agree. Now with this new camera, I hope you like the photos better :)

The busts has been painted with an airbrush and a pensil. I also attached glass eyes inside the heads.
This time I am really happy with the human skintones.
I also used really nice suits with tie, I thought it was well worth it ;)

I must say that I am really happy with the result on these two.

Hope you like them

Some progress pictures of Travolta

Some cool art pictures that I did in photoshop



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Thanks, they are now for sale in the Junkyard ;)
Great Job on those, I actually have a set of unpainted ones...and maybe looking for a painter in the future. ;)


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Lovely job, man. I especially like the shot with Jules in the foreground and a soft-focus Vincent in the background.

Great choice to use the quality suits, too. They're the perfect icing on top of your terrific paint work. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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Brilliant work. It's not until after i saw the movie again that i can really apreciate the marvel of your work.

mike d

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Wow. Very nice, Bjørn. Awesome skintones. Could i nitpick? Vincents right eye looks positioned slightly wrong. Easy fix?


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Your paint jobs are really excellent, Bjorn.

A tip with the photography though, try to take the photos from as far away as possible and use the zoom to get close up. In some of your photos the likeness to the original actors is lost because of the lens distortion.

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Thanks alot guys

Yes Micke, I had some problem with that eye, but it´s now fixed.

Lord of the props

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Thats what I did, but I can´t go very far back as I have other stuff behind me that I can´t move.
I am soon going to fix a little corner where I can take pictures of everything.