Pulp Fiction briefcase?

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    Hi! New member here. My Google-fu and search-fu were weak on this one, which seem strange since it's such an iconic prop! Simple question: what's the model of briefcase used in Pulp Fiction?
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    Hi, There's a a bunch of exsisiting threads mentioning the briefcase.. It's a Black Briefcase with "Franzen (Germany)" locks on it. not sure if the briefcase itself is actually Franzen, since that is a hardware company. Maybe "KurtyBoy" or other PulpFiction Prop Pros can shed some light.

    There is a screen shot here:
    'Pulp Fiction': Where Are They Now? - slide 24 - NY Daily News

    And Here are some Other RPF Threads mentioning it...

    Pulp Fiction question - http://www.therpf.com/f47/pulp-fiction-question-158573/

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    Hope that Helps. A bit of searching might answer any other questions too!

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