Pulp Fiction "Ass Watch" Kangaroo HELPFULL INFO


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My first thread and hope to contribute more. Let me know what you think.

One of my favorite movies to watch is Pulp Fiction. One of the easiest props to obtain for me any way has been the Kangaroo. I saw them listed online for $40-50 respectively if posted correctly.

This Kangaroo is an old ceramic valet to store your wallet, keys, watch and loose items. This was made in 1956 in the good old USA by Fine Enc Incorporated. These marks are all located around the bottom of the tail area. There is a white and black coloration as well but the original is the brown version.

How to obtain one cheaply:
But to obtain one easily check your local antique store. They usually will run you about $10 if available.

EBay: Do a search under "kangaroo planter" or "valet". If someone lists it without the movie reference, you can obtain one for about $15 shipped
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Thank you it took me 2 years to find my first one and have found several others in the last year or so. Four regular color and two grey tone.
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