Puffy Painting without printed guidelines?

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One could argue this belongs in the Marvel section so I'll try to keep this broad.
Does anyone have any suggestion for Puffying a consistent, accurate repeat (a very small repeat at that) onto a fabric that doesn't have pre printed guidelines.
The idea is that I'd be spending less on keeping it accurate, than I would be printing a new fabric.
I would however prefer just using basic household supply's and not needing to buy anything.


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I wouldn't recommend puffy painting anything without a guideline, especially if you want it to be clean and nice looking. I mean, you could do it without the guideline but the risk of messing up is huge. Depending on what kind of fabric it is, you could use some tailor's chalk to do the guideline and then puffy paint over the tailor's chalk guideline. Usually you can get tailor's chalk at craft stores for pretty cheap and it can last for a long time depending on what brand you buy. For keeping it a consistent repeat without a guideline I guess you could trace something like a ruler or small cup with the puffy paint so it's the same every time. Anyways, Good luck!


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I'd suggest printing out the pattern you want and use a tracing wheel to mark out the pattern on the fabric. That would give you something to follow when you go over it with the puffy paint.
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