Psycho Pass: The DOMINATOR Gun Replica. WIP DNPdesigns


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I am making the Dominator from the Psycho Pass anime series.

I decided to Lasercut these parts from 3mm Acrylic. To get the Design right, I worked out a concept by making a 3D Model:

Then I started of with Vector design in Adobe Illustrator:

I want to have the Vector File finished by sunday and then send it to a Lasercutting service.


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So I printed out the Lasercutting Vector Plan to check it

Then I arranged the parts, so I can cut them and printed it out again:

I decided to make a Testbuild.
I had no glue stick so I transfered it to cardboard with a gluegun.

The size is right (33cm long)

Found the first mistake, it´s too thin. So I added 2 more Layers

I found 3 mistakes in total and here ist the 4th one:


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Sooooo... The File is finally ready to go!

When it comes to Lasercutting, placement is KEY!

One costs 145€ (= 157$) and the other just 97€ (=105$)
Everything is the same, just the placement is different!
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The Lasercut service finished my order already and send it to me.

I think it´ll be here on Saturday
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That is a big box. Those look pretty good :)
Its a big P3 sheet.

It was so exciting to unboxing this. This is the first time I work with Lasercut parts
and its AMAZING seeing something that you worked on HOURS over hours in Illustrator
as a real object. And everything turned out exactly like I imagined, except I made a little mistake:

Actually it needs to be the way around. The left one should have that big cut out and the right one should have the the small holes.


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For perfect allignment, I included little holes in my designs wich are about 1,1mm and I found 1,2mm nails, wich give it a thight fitting when glueing them together!

I bought a few clamps for this project (And a new heat gun in general, because mine broke)

Aaaaand... I also ordered Mold&Cast supplies.
Im very excited for this, because this is the first time, I get in touch with molding&casting


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Sorry for not posting that long....

however here is the progress so far :)

To glue the parts, its important to sand the smooth acrylic

I used holes in my design to get PERFECT allignment with simple nails :D

I also bought allot of clamps ;)

The result so far, it´s still not all glued together

Added some curves with Apoxie Sculpt

The white parts are 3D Printed

Making Mold boxes

Pouring in some silicone

And there I have my Molds :D :D :D for more Information!