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So I just finished watching this week's episode, and I can't believe how well done this show is. Their ability to parody past/current stuff, make fun of themselves, and keep all of their original elements make this easily one of my favorite shows on tv.

So any other psych fans here?
I'm a fan. My wife actually got me into the show. Although I'm behind on this season so far. I'll probably catch up this week, though.

Also...still trying to find a screen accurate iPhone case. :)
Pretty sure the correct one is 2 color, green over black, for the 3GS. Or, at least, that was the one from a couple of seasons ago.
Big time fan here. Love the 80s references. Was hoping the Shawn saves Darth Vader episode would have featured a bunch of props. Loved the episode where Shawn had the BSG helmet and broke it. Always get a kick out of the silly names he uses to introduce Gus. Can't wait for the Shatner episode.
Watched since day 1. Love it.

I do miss the stuff from the first year or two where they showed them goofing off on set. The ones you see these days seem much more staged.
I got hold of a season preview disc with the first three episodes. I think tomorrow night's episode "This Episode Sucks" is the best of the first three. I won't spoil anything but if you're a Psych fan, you'll enjoy some of the halloween themed movie stuff.

I needed something to distract me while I was working on some design mockups and started watching reruns on Netflix which is what got me hooked. I've been following the show regularly for the past year or so since then and really enjoy it.

It's nice because it doesn't take itself seriously... it's just good, light-hearted fun that fits my sense of humor - a friendly smartass humor weighted toward pop culture.

"Ovaltine Jenkins" was a great name for Gus... I also got a good chuckle at "Imhotep - he cometh in peace."
Mc Clapyourhands wasnt bad either.

My classmate and i are both big fans and for a long time, when we would text each other we would use a made up Gus name.

When he got married, besides a card i left a pineapple on the wedding table from Shawn and Gus
Can't wait for tonight's episode! If you haven't been to club psych to mindless play their games and then get free stuff you should. Still have to pay for shipping, but that's not too bad at all.

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