[PROTOTYPE] Functional Alex Mercer claws prop


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Since early February, I have been constructing this prop and I feel I am far enough to give people a good idea as to what I am building. I am attempting to construct Alex Mercer's claw hand (mostly out of cardboard) that will allow each finger to move at the joint like your hand does instead of just a solid piece of cardboard like I have seen others do. I don't actually have said claws attached to the arm brace but the base for each of the 4 claws I intend on building are complete. Observe images below.

0310151514-00.jpg 1 0304151847-00.jpg 2 0304151808-00.jpg 3 0304151806-00.jpg 4

0304151844-00.jpg 5 0211151933-00.jpg 6 0211151944-00.jpg 7 0211151945-00.jpg 8

Referring to image #1, this is the base for the functionality for the 4 claws I have built. From top to bottom, I hve the ring finger, middle, index, thumb and I'm ignoring the pinky because I don't remember if he did that too and I didn't want to build it. Image #2 just to the right is a close up of the 2 joints on the thumb claw but each claw has the same idea. the other 2 images are how I have cut out and taped the pieces of cardboard. Image #3 is the base for flexing the claws while image #4 is a spacer that prevents them flexing too far in either direction and for added strength and support. At each joint, I have 6 pieces of cardboard connected to a metal wire as to allow the actual movement. Image #6 shows double-sided tape with the packing still attached to it to demonstrate how I attached the spacers to the functional pieces. Images 6-8 are just some pringles cans I plan in attaching the claws too as the arm brace. As of image #1, I have measured, cut, and taped 90 pieces of cardboard and I currently estimate the final number of pieces to be around 120-130 before I consider my project complete. I'm also at the point where this project has taken up so much of my free time for so long, I had to put it away for a while. I plan on doing more work on this since I've already put so much time into it but my progress is going to slow down a lot. Anyway, I just wanted to get this out there mainly to document it for my own reasons and I figured somebody would find this as a cool idea. I can give more details as to construction both past and future assuming anybody is interested.
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