Proton Pack (picture heavy)


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I have been costuming for just about two years now. Recently I decided to build a Ghostbuster Proton Pack. I am taking some creative liberties on this build, but still keeping most of the build like it was on the movies. the pack will be a combination of both GB1 and GB2.

Pictures to come

Thanks for looking
I actually had pictures to post, but forgot to resize the pictures, but got tired. lol

Bigi71 shell:

installing L braclets on MOBO:

L brackets has been rivited and MOBO has been painted with a texured black
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Painted a few parts, messing around weathering. Like I said above i am taking a few creative liberties, so instead of only using silver I used nickel, bronze and gold in my layering.




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This is not the correct suit, I will get one later. Elbow pads pretty close to what was used in the movie:


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I mounted the my motherboard to another very nice LC-1 frame that we found at a local swapmeet. I used 3/4 and 1 inch spacers between the frame and the board. I did not like the plane look of the spacers; so I decided to use compression springs to enhance the look of the spacers. I also added brass washers. Not cannon, but looks cool



Nice twist on the pack! I like your personalization!
That car though, what kind of hybrid is it? It looks like a 59 Caddy front clip and rear quarters were put on a mid 80's wagon. Pretty neat execution!
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