Protomorph Inspired Egg (Alien Covenant)


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Had some free time to paint this up. :)
36646913_283218248914767_733852435910492160_n.jpg 36733003_283049815598277_5079023531618992128_n.jpg 36791141_283180798918512_4514466221046890496_n.jpg 36672379_283218535581405_5129231905467662336_n.jpg 36669188_283218468914745_6391417794696577024_n.jpg 36732398_283218412248084_4955213827932160000_n.jpg 36694693_283218328914759_2860584343829479424_n.jpg


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Wanted to make this piece as disgusting as possible. I liked the designs from covenant but tweaked it a bit. Thought it would be nice to add neomorph spores so it looked as infested as possible.


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